Bayer Service Center Team Building Workshop and City Game

As the backbone of the organization, the Bayer Service Center Shanghai provides financial and administration service to the Bayer Greater China. To review and celebrate the achievements of the past year, as well as to further promote the fundamental elements of Bayer’s core values among the team, the Bayer Service Center Shanghai invited CONSTELLATIONS to design an innovative team building for two and a half days at the end of 2016, bringing together their core management and team leaders of Bayer Service Center Shanghai.

With a thoughtful process and strong interactions, both inside and outside of the meeting room, the workshop was designed based on the fundamental elements of Bayer’s core values: trust, collaboration, customer focus and experimentation.

Participants started to celebrate the 2016 journey by sharing their most memorable stories within Bayer and recognizing the team’s key achievements, from which they drew their key competencies and talents.  How to build Trust is the crucial question to enhance Collaboration: through peer coaching, participants explored what they need to build trust and ways to promote it at different levels.

Mapping the key stakeholders for the center is key to understanding better their needs and defining more accurately the value offered: this aimed to reinforce the Customer focus and empathy.  Taking one step further, the whole team co-created a “Message house” based on the key services and values, which would help every team members to clearly articulate the mission and value and engage their teams.

As a creative team building approach, city games in little known parts of the city were organized, taking participants out of the meeting room, to explore the city with SHANGHAI FLANEUR expert Duncan Hewitt, former BBC journalist and writer who has lived in Shanghai for 16 years. Participants also interacted with people living in the city by interviewing them.

The inspirations gathered during the walks and game offered new insights on how to promote Experimentation in the organization. Participants reflected on the need to include vs assuming , asking questions, listening and understanding the needs of stakeholders to generate innovative ideas in their work.

Through the process and the interactions, CONSTELLATIONS supported Bayer Service Center Shanghai to bring together fun and work at the year-end in order to look forward to the new year!