builDIng the city of tomorrow: INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION FORUM

The International Cooperation forum ‘BUILDING THE CITY OF TOMORROW’, organized on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), was held in Shanghai in cooperation with the Tongji University end of May.

This gathering of Chinese, Asian and European experts and researchers working in the field of sustainable urban development was the opportunity to exchange experiences on past research collaboration and look into the future: What are lessons learned from past projects? What are opportunity spaces for future collaboration?

This final International Forum on Sustainable Urban Development brought together all participating German network partners in the BMBF campaign together experts from China. Chinese and German scientists, practitioners and further experts from architecture and sustainable urban development joint the forum to share experiences, knowledge and forward-looking ideas. It offered the space for a professional exchange in the fields of smart urban mobility, energy & sustainable buildings as well as integrated urban planning and architecture.

The vibrant discussion among the participants showed the need to find answers to these pressing urban challenges no nation could give on its own. It underlined the necessity for comprehensive approach and cooperation among researchers, scientist, decision makers, municipal authorities and business professionals worldwide to share and reflect their ideas and innovative technologies to BUILDING THE CITY OF TOMORROW.