Building the Community and Sharing experiences: Inclusion in Business and Society

CONSTELLATIONS hosted a gathering with its long term collaborators working on on social inclusion related issues, from corporate, NGOs and social entrepreneurs. Shanghai Young Bakers, Puki Design, Enactus, Stepping Stones, L’Oreal, German Chamber and other CONSTELLATIONS friends joined the informal workshop.

The aim was to together people in business and society to meet each other and understand what are happening currently in the field. Participants across sectors shared their experiences on inclusion practices and the challenges they were facing to reach the next level. In groups, participants supported each other by discussing ideas to tackle the identified challenges, to learn from each other and to collaborate in the future.

Participants highlighted that the co-creative facilitated process and bilingual learning made the gathering fruitful on both Chinese and international side. It was noted that Shanghai needs more transcultural dialogue like this between the local and foreign community, who are both committed to creating inclusion in both business and society.

CONSTELLATIONS supports organizations to scale the impact of their social engagement, finding new partners and developing projects; in the meantime, we aim to build the community so that organizations can co-create further meaningful collaborations.