Celebrating BMW’s 100 years! Sino-German Youth Dialogue on Future Mobility

As a key event in the frame of the German-Chinese Year of Youth Exchange and one of the celebrations of BMW 100 years anniversary, BMW Move Next China Germany Youth Dialogue took place on May 6th at UCCA in Beijing. CONSTELLATIONS was invited to design and facilitate the interactive workshop part.

The event gathered more than 80 students from Germany and China, as well as representatives from the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, BMW managing directors and experts on mobility.

After the opening speech and the visit of BMW’s future mobility exhibition, participants discussed what the future holds for mobility and developed innovative solutions guided by CONSTELLATIONS’s facilitators. Inspiring ideas emerged from discussions on trends related to urbanization, resource and lifestyle, resonating to the future vision of BMW.

Thanks to the facilitative format, Chinese and German youth exchanged their insights and provided innovative outlook to the sustainable development of the future mobility, in a discussion with the company’s leadership and field experts. By reflecting on the drivers, participants develop the sense of responsibility for a sustainable future as well.