CONSTELLATIONS at the American Chamber: Increasing the Impact of Social Engagement

CONSTELLATIONS teamed up once again with the Design Thinking team of SAP, Nicolas Leclercq and Anwar Abuzili, for a power workshop with members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

The purpose of the session, in the frame of the CSR Capacity building series, was to share best practices among companies on how to increase the impact of social engagement activities.

Joyce XU from Delphi presented recent activities of their company, whereas the key to leverage the impact on projects is to collaborate with other companies. In this case, Delphi cooperated with its customer GM to enable a broader reach on child safety promotion.

Another best practice was presented by SAP, showing how aligning their internal values and practices of the company in their outreach to society was impactful: by offering social organisations capacity-building support, SAP is instilling a strong association to their brand, showcasing their forward looking methodologies and making available welcome skills training to a broad range of recipients.

Following the sharing, a workshop enabled the participants to experience first-hand a process inspired by design thinking and what this method can do to help rethink social issues and develop strong project ideas for a CSR program. Often such methodologies are used for product and service development. The idea to also apply it for social purposes in companies is relatively new and hence was a welcome addition to this series.