Constellations for Connecting Startup Cities Berlin

Constellations Founder, Katja Hellkoetter, has been invited by the Ministry of Economics of the City of Berlin to advise on this year’s Asia Pacific Weeks “Europe-Asia Innovation Dialogue” and in particular on the Start-Up Cities Conferences May 25 to 27.

The conference was a great success, fertilising ground where people with different backgrounds got connected and planted seeds for more and long-term cooperation. In collaboration with Qin Liwen, Founder of TRENDSEURASIA, CONSTELLATIONS mobilised networks and invited guests from China, India and Singapore. Among them were e.g. Mai Gang (President China Young Angel Investor Association, Founder of VentruesLab), Manhong Mannie Liu (Chairwoman of the Chinese National Venture Capital Research Committee & Author of “Angel without borders”), Penny Low (Founder of SIP- Social Innovation Park Ltd., Singapore) Yifan David Li (Founder and CEO of Hesai Technologies, China) and many more inspiring people. Further more Katja moderated various sessions and hosted 2 workshops. Together with Naho Iguchi from Japan, Constellations hosted a fish-bowl discussion on Leadership and together with GU Yuan (AHA Accelerator Shanghai)  a creative workshop on “How to move from exchange to long-term collaboration?”.

Please find further information (including videos) on the Asia Pacific Weeks Berlin 2016 here: