Learning Organizations

CONSTELLATIONS helps address organizations challenges such as:

  • How to stimulate a more innovative, agile and entrepreneurial organizational culture? are you keen on increasing responsiveness to market trends or promoting cross-fertilization between your business units? CONSTELLATIONS designs and facilitates collaborative and creative programs to support these efforts.
  • How to develop more collaboration across functions, business units and silos? Are you aiming to promote better cooperation between departments? CONSTELLATIONS specialty is bringing people together to define their roadmap and strategy for better working and sharing.
  • How to leverage workforce diversity and foster a more inclusive workplace? are you interested in promoting diversity in your organization to tap into the innovative potential of younger generations or to create a more inclusive place? CONSTELLATIONS offers tailored experiential workshops to promote awareness of your managers, design implementation strategies and roll out internal policies.
  • How to promote employee engagement and ownership? A key issue for many organization, CONSTELLATIONS approach of facilitation answers the need for more participation and empowerment in the workforce.
  • How to create shared value for business and society? Are you looking at growing roots in China, engaging more with societal partners, or developing a local engagement program? CONSTELLATIONS helps you map issues of interest, design a project and find societal players to work with.
  • How to implement sustainability strategies? Looking at how to engage the entire organization in the strategy to leverage the energy of the employees.
  • How to develop leadership in times of uncertainty and change? CONSTELLATIONS supports leaders in the private and public sector with executive coaching and leadership support.


Learning Cities

CONSTELLATIONS helps address organizations challenges such as:

If you are a non-profit organization…

  • How to develop innovative dialogue programs? Starting a new cooperative project?  CONSTELLATIONS maps the landscape for you and identifies a unique positioning for your organization. CONSTELLATIONS assists you in finding new partners, topics and potential for your cooperative projects.
  • How to deepen collaboration between Europe and China? Are you interested in better cooperation with your peers, association members, and various stakeholders?  CONSTELLATIONS facilitates dialogue to reach common ground, design joint strategies and action plans.

If you represent a city…

  • How to deepen city partnerships? Have you recently signed a partnership with a Chinese city and are interested in defining common interests? CONSTELLATIONS supports you with collaboration building and activity definition, from finding common ground to defining areas for action.
  • How to gain insights from peers? Through its city lab, CONSTELLATIONS supports cities learn from peers, nationally and internationally. Blending inputs from experts and case clinics, such formats are tailored to the challenge at hand.
  • How to gather inspirations for urban innovation internationally? With its network and programs, such as CITYMAKERS, CONSTELLATIONS has a vast network to help build partnerships, develop project ideas and organize learning journeys.

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