CONSTELLATIONS accompanies you all along your project, from inspiration to implementation:

Inspiring – Often, a relationship with a client develops over a first cup of tea: CONSTELLATIONS engages in up-front brainstorming, helps assess needs and suggests first ideas to turn challenges into opportunities. You and your team can also get inspired by means of a CREA LAB format.
Contextualizing  – CONSTELLATIONS emphasizes context knowledge as a success factor for any cooperation project, offering information on the political, economic, social and cultural environment in China in unique experiential learning formats, such as ‘walkshops’ and trend scouting investigations. Check the SHANGHAI FLANEUR program.
Mapping  – Beyond general context, CONSTELLATIONS offers mappings studies, usually based on qualitative analysis and stakeholder interviews. Examples include: ‘More than a Market’. Check out CONSTELLATIONS’ publications.
Evaluating – CONSTELLATIONS’ team also performs independent evaluations for Sino-European cooperation projects, including strategy recommendations.

Strategizing  – CONSTELLATIONS offers strategic advisory against a background of 20+ years of experience in the field of Sino-German and Sino-European relations and cooperation at the interface of all sectors. It also designs and facilitates strategy workshops to enable clients to jointly co-develop their visions, missions, project ideas and action plans.
Ideating  – A CONSTELLATIONS’ flagship program is an idea generation and innovation workshop called CREALAB, fully tailored to the client’s key challenge.
Implementing – CONSTELLATIONS supports supports with partnership building, planning and in some cases implementation of the programs.

Moderating  – Moderation is an integrated element of CONSTELLATIONS’ multi-stakeholder and dialogue projects, but team members can also moderate a panel discussion or a conference related to the topic specialty. CONSTELLATIONS also moderates the regular German Chamber workshop in Shanghai ‘Business & Society’.
Facilitating  – Facilitation, enabling effective collaborations, is at the core of the service portfolio: For collaborative workshops, CONSTELLATIONS conducts audit and interviews, designs interaction processes and facilitates on-site, optionally accompanied by graphic facilitation. For long-term collaborative projects, CONSTELLATIONS designs the ‘architecture’ of multi-stakeholder partnership projects and offers macro-facilitation to accompany the implementation.Possible applications range from strategy to innovation workshops, over to team building programs and multi-stakeholder dialogues.
Communicating  – Sharing and negotiating points of views, is key for all collaborative projects. With different specialization of our team members, ranging from strategic communication to Non-Violent Communication, CONSTELLATIONS offers communication workshops and trainings as well as designs communication strategies.

Coaching  – CONSTELLATIONS offers individualized leadership executive coaching.
Incubating – CONSTELLATIONS offers long-term incubation programs, that combine group workshops with individualized project coaching (on- and offline). Examples are the URBAN CAMPUS and CHINA LAB programs. It also tailor designs incubation processes for organizations on demand.
Training – CONSTELLATIONS delivers training and learning programs, with flagship programs including ‘diversity works’, ‘self to society’ workshop, but beyond that also offers team building programs.