Harvesting Annual Company Success with Creativity

DS Avocats, a leading French law firm, is celebrating its 30 years in China. With offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, the law firm has gained high recognition from the Chinese government as well as a wide range of foreign and Chinese clients.

To celebrate this meaningful milestone, following a gathering at the French Consul’s residence with over 200+ clients and before a fun team outing in side-cars, DS Avocats decided to understand better what this celebration meant for its collaborators.

Indeed, DS has a very low HR turnover within the sector and one of the reason is surely its strong human values.

DS thus invited CONSTELLATIONS to design and facilitate their one day workshop celebration, bringing together their 34 employees in Shanghai, at the Langham hotel. The day was a journey, reviewing past, looking at positive memories from the past 30 years to envisioning the future together, without forgetting to create a strong connection and interactions throughout the process.

During the day, participants were moved by the sharing of stories of individual collaborators and by the recognition of strong achievements as well as the dedication and team spirit it took to reach them. From best memories, the group formulated the key values of the firm. Projecting in the future, from the trends in society and business, the participants formulated new opportunities for the coming years. Through CONSTELLATIONS’ facilitation, the workshop resulted in 6 strategic directions and concrete projects to implement in 2017.

Connection through games and communication activities was crucial to create an environment of trust conducive to opening up. One of the participants even sang a Chinese Opera air, another shared his passion and hobby in developing a legal dictionary.

Through a thoughtful process and interaction, DS has been able to truly celebrate its 30 years bottom-up!