China Lab


CHINA LAB is a project incubation program supporting teams and organizations in their project development with China. It offers both contextual knowledge and process knowledge, deeper understanding about China, current issues as well as concrete project development support.

CHINA LAB supports organizations from all sectors – business, NGOs, foundations, etc. – aiming to deepen their collaboration with Chinese partners, for instance in terms of:

  • Understanding new trends and evaluating potential focus topics;
  • Evaluating adequate partners or target groups to work with in China;
  • Strategy definition or positioning of new programs in China;
  • Developing an innovative idea and drafting and implementation plan;
  • Team building across various functions to devise jointly a China strategy.

The program is a 9-month incubation process, including 3 idea labs (each entailing a 2-day workshop in Germany) as well as online individual team coaching and mentoring in-between. The teams come with a set challenge to work with during the CHINA LAB and set a desired outcome (strategy, concept, etc).

The workshops feature guest talks, expert lectures, visits and facilitated group work. The workshops’ processes make use of various methodologies, from collaborative facilitation to design thinking, including communication and strategy tools. The teams are supported not only with content but also with concrete contacts and personal introductions based on Constellations 20+ years of China-Europe cooperation expertise.

One example of CHINA LAB was the LEAD China Lab for the ‘Mercator Capacity Building Center for Leadership & Advocacy’ in Berlin in 2014 on the topic of sustainability. For LEAD CHINA LAB 2015, the motto was set to be a ‘China Germany Innovation Partnership’. Program information will be published in Spring of 2015. Interested organizations are welcome to apply at any time.