Mapping Study: EU China Cultural Landscape (2014)

The sustained growth of the cultural and creative sector in the European and Chinese economies (3.3% and 2.5% of their respective 2012 GDPs, including a 16.5% growth from 2011 in China) has prompted the EU and China to boost cooperation in this field. The EU-China Policy Dialogues Support Facility II, with the PRC Ministry of Culture and the EU Commission having commissioned 4 experts, including Katja Hellkötter and Léa Ayoub from Constellations International, to undertake a Mapping Study of the EU-China Cultural and Creative Landscape.

Using the landscape metaphor, Constellations developed and applied a methodology focused on landscape features to structure the investigation. This research was supported by the input of 40 experts at a Stakeholders’ Meeting in Beijing as well as 30 in-depth interviews with major cultural players in China and Europe. The final report (March 2014) emphasizes current trends and recommendations in cultural cooperation, namely the emergence of cultural entrepreneurs in China, the need to foster further people to people collaboration and the greater role of governments as facilitators and incubators rather than content setters.

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