Magali Menant


Magali has been working in China since 2001 with a strong focus on Sino-European/ German cooperation on sustainability and urbanization issues. Magali has a solid understanding of current sustainability issues linked to rapid urbanization in China and has extensive experience in marketing, public-private partnership building and strategic network development. She co-owns CONSTELLATIONS since 2012.

Previously, Magali worked at the Delegation of German Commerce and Industry in Shanghai for 9 years, where she was in charge of promoting Sino-German cooperation for sustainability:

  • Initiated and headed the ECONET CHINA platform, promoting greentech from Germany in China through marketing, strategic network and pilot projects development (2007-11): With her team, Magali developed a platform called econet china, which aims at further positioning German solutions for sustainability in China, particularly successful concepts for energy efficiency in building and sustainable urban development. Econet china acts as an industry and research consortium, pooling resources from various stakeholders to offer solutions to Chinese decision makers including local governments, developers, investors, city planners and design institutes.
  • Industry cooperation and marketing for ECOBUILD SHANGHAI 2006, a sister-city project between Hamburg and Shanghai for the promotion of ecological building concepts (2005-06)
  • China Manager of INTEC, a international technology cooperation network (2003-04)

With a degree in International Business (BA, ESCE, France), Magali first came to China in 2001 to conduct research on opportunities in the Chinese wind energy market for a French wind turbine manufacturer. She later on completed a Master in International Relations at the Free University in Berlin. Her main interests are urban governance and the role of cities on the global stage, and her masters thesis focused on city-to-city networking and sustainability studies.

She is a trained facilitator (group collaboration) and experienced moderator. Magali has completed training programs in facilitation of collaborative workshops in Formapart, Paris as well as a SPOT Facilitation training by the Facilitation Network Singapore

Magali is fluent in English, German, Chinese, Polish and French.