Social Engagement Idea Generation for German Companies In China

With CONSTELLATIONS’ co-initiating and advising, what started a little over a year ago with 30 CEOs of German companies is now a full blown initiative: the More than a Market annual forum attracted over 200 participants and the evening awards saw over 250 guests joining. Both events were meant to celebrate and recognise the social engagement of German companies in China, while still looking at ways to catalyse more projects and collaborations.

In the frame of the event, CONSTELLATIONS organised and moderated two workshops, one on environment and one on volunteering, looking at interesting trends in the field and examples of projects. Furthermore, an Open Idea Lab, designed and facilitated by CONSTELLATIONS together with SAP, brought over 50 participants into an idea generation mood: the speedy process, inspired by Design Thinking, a solution development methodology, had small teams worked on a social challenge they wanted to address, understanding the issues at stake, selecting a target group and sketching a project idea: altogether, issues addressed included education of migrant children, inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace, or environmental quality. Thanks to the interactive character of the workshop, the participants connected rapidly in an high energy manner.  A follow up on these first ideas generated would be needed, and the next activity, on June 15/16, the SUPPORT LAB provides just that opportunity.