Future of Learning for Sustainability

In the framework of the International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability, BAYER China and Tongji University held a workshop on the ‘Future of Learning for Sustainability’ on June 10th, 2014. This event was part of the activities of the Bayer-Tongji Chair of Sustainable Development, set up by the two organizations in 2007 alongside teaching and research activities. A key focus of the Chair lies in understanding how to leverage the potential for trans-disciplinary and cross-sectorial collaboration for sustainability. It is recognized that collaboration between the business sector, the government and civil society is crucial to create the systemic change and radical innovation needed tackle complex sustainability challenges.

This half-day workshop investigated in an interactive way available approaches and tools for acquiring the skills and competences future leaders will need to engage into open networks for innovation or work with partners outside of their organizations. The ability to effectively connect and align interests of diverse groups as well as understand systemic implications were illustrated with methodologies related to different schools of thought. The program was designed and facilitated by CONSTELLATIONS International.