Why you could need us?

If you are a COMPANY in China….

Societal engagement programs: are you looking at growing roots in China, engaging more with societal partners, or developing a local engagement program? CONSTELLATIONS helps you map issues of interest, design a project and find societal players to work with.

Response to megatrends: are you interested in understanding megatrends such as urbanization and what they mean for your business? CONSTELLATIONS helps you contextualize through experiential learning programs, mapping studies or expert workshops.

Innovation culture stimulation: are you keen on increasing responsiveness to market trends or promoting cross-fertilization between your business units? CONSTELLATIONS designs and facilitates collaborative and creative programs to support these efforts.

Diversity at the workplace and employee engagement: are you interested in promoting diversity in your organization to tap into the innovative potential of younger generations or to create a more inclusive place? CONSTELLATIONS offers tailored experiential workshops to promote awareness of your managers, design implementation strategies and roll out internal policies.

If you are a non-profit organization…

Dialogue programs: have you been working with China for years and are seeking to increase your reach? CONSTELLATIONS assists you in finding new partners, topics and potential for your cooperative projects. Starting a new cooperative project?  CONSTELLATIONS maps the landscape for you and identifies a unique positioning for your organization.

Multi-stakeholder dialogues: are you interested in better cooperation with your peers, association members, and various stakeholders?  CONSTELLATIONS facilitates dialogue to reach common ground, design joint strategies and action plans.

If you represent a city… 

City partnerships: have you recently signed a partnership with a Chinese city and are interested in defining common interests? CONSTELLATIONS supports you with collaboration building and activity definition, from finding common ground to defining areas for action. 

As an individual….

Are you an individual leader, an executive or a learner and believe in lifelong learning and the search for continuous stimulus and support in your growth as a professional? CONSTELLATIONS offers coaching, training and learning services for a variety of purposes.

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