CONSTELLATIONS designs and facilitates change management programs to support organizations in their sustainability transformation

WHY clients reach out to us?

From mindset to structure, from strategy to innovation and business models, over to governance and employee engagement:

  • How to transform an organization into a purpose-driven one and align the leadership around new metrics?
  • How to shape an effective sustainability strategy that embeds sustainability throughout the organization and drives growth?
  • How to inspire and empower employees to actively engage in sustainability in their roles, and further carry it out in their life?
  • How to create a common language around sustainability internally that resonates and is carried forward in the conversations that employees have with their different stakeholders?
  • How to define, in co-construction, a roadmap for transformation once the goals are set?

POSSIBLE OUTCOMES: better understanding of sustainability of all stakeholders/ relevance to one’s role or function/ shift in thinking/ aligning on KPIs for sustainability/ embedding sustainability in decision making processes

WHAT we offer


  • Learning journeys
  • Strategy workshops
  • Innovation programs
  • New ways of working
  • Team building retreats
  • Group & executive coaching


  • Multi-stakeholder dialogues
  • Collaborative workshops
  • Partnership building
  • Community building


  • Mapping studies
  • Program design
  • Project implementation
  • Communication campaigns

And more!

For WHOM we worked.

Mainly for corporates but any type of organization looking to transition towards sustainability: suitable for companies without a formalized agenda, looking for inspiration and a good approach to start addressing the issue, to those with a set agenda and ambition but looking for support to embark their collaborators on the journey.

Some case studies

  • For a French cosmetics firm: Co-design and facilitation of a series workshops for the development of roadmaps for sustainability to engage the leadership of brands
  • For a German chemical company: Design and facilitation of learning programs and strategy workshops to build the APAC Sustainability community. Development of communication items gathering sustainability cases across the organization.
  • For a German automotive manufacturer: Design and facilitation of multi-skakeholder dialogues with diverse voices (government, academia, students, etc.) on trends and future of mobility
  • For a French consulting firm/ consumer goods manufacturer: Mapping of regulatory frameworks in China and stakeholder voices on perception on plastics