CONSTELLATIONS has experience in building collaborative initiatives for positive impact, be it among bottom up change makers, among institutional actors, and with a specialty of crossing spheres that not necessarily work together usually.

WHY clients reach out to us?

For actors interested in collaboration to catalyze or scale positive impact (creating communities, partnerships and alliances)

  • How to co-create a shared desired vision for a future that fits within planetary boundaries?
  • How to engage all the stakeholders to get their buy in?
  • How to design meaningful partnerships to scale impact through collaboration across sectors?

CONCRETE OUTCOMES: Mapping needs and blindspots, identifying areas of collaboration and possible partners, building partnerships, defining a common agenda/ objectives, setting a joint framework.

WHAT we offer


  • Dialogue programs
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Collaborative workshops


  • Partnership building
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Co-creative, participatory processes
  • Community building


  • Mapping studies
  • Program design/ implementation
  • Project evaluations
  • Knowledge products

For WHOM we worked.

Any actor keen on building the public-private partnerships necessary to scale positive impact or triggering systemic change across sectors.


  • For Bertelsmann Stiftung– Conceptualization, partnership building and co-creation processes for the More than a Market initiative, a multi-year platform to render visible German companies’ social engagement in China as well as catalyze collaboration for impact
  • For Robert Bosch Stiftung – Citymakers-Germany China – Concept, co-creation process and community building among Chinese and German players for liveable cities