Beyond Cultures

Working across cultures requires mutual understanding, finding common ground and lots of empathy. Beyond national identity, culture can be regional, functional, organizational, generational, gendered, and more.

CONSTELLATIONS offers its take on cultural encounter with an emphasis on culture as contextual knowledge while also not overemphasizing cultural differences and working on the larger interface of human values.

Such programs suit:

  • Expatriate orientation and preparation in managing teams in China
  • Team building for cross-functional, international, global teams

The Beyond Cultures program is a tailored approach to the need of the client and can take diverse formats, from training to coaching, and from individuals to large groups of people.

The content allies the depth of knowledge of CONSTELLATIONS’ 20+ years experience in Europe-China cooperation projects and the skills of its collaborators (Certified Intercultural Communication Consultant, Certified Intercultural Coach and Non-Violent Communication Expert).

The scope of content ranges from understanding what collective conditioning culture is and defining the cultural orientations of the individual, team and organization to what the current trends of Chinese society are and how to leverage these for more understanding.

The process includes the sharing of tools, experiential exercises and interaction with different cultures to create insight. The use of creativity is highly instrumental in these workshops.

Examples of projects include intercultural executive coaching of managers, intercultural individual training for arriving expats, innovation across cultures workshops for R&D, and training for coaches across cultures.