Predicting what the future holds is impossible. How to gather insights today about what could be tomorrow? Looking at what is shifting in society, current trends and with the help of collective intelligence, some insights can be gathered to support leaders in preparing their organizations.

Such a service, covering mapping studies, strategy advisory, combined with collaborative workshops and inspiration from thought leaders, helps organizations:

  • Analyzing the big picture
  • Understanding in society
  • Scouting trends
  • Deriving possible future scenarios
  • Rethinking processes, products and services
  • Creating new business models
  • Developing novel collaborations

Topics covered include following timely issues: Social innovation, Sustainability, Circular economy, Start up scenes, Sharing economy, Social engagement, Value Shifts, Urbanization, Migration.

References for future calls related work include:

  • Together for future cities
  • Vision day together with SAP and GIZ
  • Mapping of society trends affecting business in China (MTAM publication)
  • Workshop future of learning workshop for Bayer China