Self to Society


‘Responsibility starts with the individual’s intention. Understanding one’s role in society and potential impact hence requires self-awareness.

‘Self-to-Society’ is a program designed as a journey of personal development, from exploring self-leadership to understanding how to lead with impact in society.

This experiential program is ideal for:

  • Professionals and managers training for leadership skills
  • Student groups in preparing for career orientation
  • Individuals interested in personal development

The content is based on theories and methodologies derived from the fields of leadership, organizational learning, communication, innovation management and personal development.

This 2-day program includes investigations of case studies, inspirational encounters with leaders, peer learning and sharing, collective intelligence experience and personal envisioning exercises.

Participants benefit from an overview of personal development and communication tools, as well as formats for collaboration and innovation.

An example can be seen in references including the Konrad Adenauer Foundation SUIBE Scholarship program involving a yearly Personal Development program for all its students (2013, 2015).