Urban Campus

Urbanization is a defining trend in China today: as cities are complex systems, interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial collaboration is key.

URBAN CAMPUS is an idea and project incubation program focusing on fostering understanding and collaboration across disciplines sectors by means of developing creative solutions for city making.

URBAN CAMPUS is a program format designed to bring together students, non-profit organization workers, social entrepreneurs and further interested parties from all disciplines to jointly develop solutions around following themes:

  • Promoting awareness towards sustainability in the city
  • Helping behavior change towards more sustainable lifestyles
  • Fostering public participation in city making
  • Thinking about the role of culture and heritage in cities

It is usually a 9-month incubation process, including 2 or 3 idea labs (4-day workshops) and online individual team coaching and mentoring in between. The teams come with a project idea to work with during the period. The URBAN CAMPUS team seeks to improve this project idea to make it a great one and on to the level of an implementable plan (including non-profit business model generation).

The program features guest talks, expert lectures, visits and facilitated group work. The workshop processes make use of various methodologies, from collaborative facilitation to design thinking, communication and strategy.

The teams are supported not only with content but also with concrete contacts and personal introductions based on Constellations’ 15+ years of China-Europe cooperation expertise.

Such a program can be designed and facilitated in any city for a specific client (university, company, foundation) that would see such a program as fitting into its goals. One such example was done in Chengdu by KAS in 2014 and included seed funding for the teams.