CITYMAKERS China – Germany

Putting ‘liveable city’ at its core, ‘CITYMAKERS China – Germany seeks to connect, grow and enable a community of innovative citymakers between Germany and China. The intention of the program is to complement the existing Sino-German cooperation landscape in the field of urbanisation by emphasizing social innovation, culture and creativity as cross-cutting themes fundamental for sustainable development and in addition to technological innovation. Architects, artists, citizens or municipal city leaders: with a 360 degree approach the network equally welcomes players from institutional, government, entrepreneurial and independent backgrounds.

The concrete offers: knowledge through ongoing interviews and mappings; yearly CITYMAKER Meet-Ups; an incubator supporting three Sino-German teams and their projects on ‘Urban Farming’, the ‘Future of Housing’ and ‘Heritage & Identity’; last but not least a thriving (WeChat) community of trusted creative people available to design urban innovation or city-to-city projects. 
How to cooperate with us? Get inspired by our CITYMAKER interviews, get yourself interviewed and featured; or help us to scale the initiative by supporting our incubator program! More info here. CITYMAKERS China-Germany was co-initiated by Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Shanghai and Berlin based agency CONSTELLATIONS and is cooperating with the Sino-German Urbanisation Partnership since 2016. 


Download: CITYMAKERS-Recommendations, April 2018
CITYMAKERS-Recommendations, November 2016