Flaneur Walkshops

Walks, talks and learning programs on the city and in the city

SHANGHAI FLANEUR is an innovative approach of learning in the city, about the city, around city issues.

SHANGHAI FLANEUR designs and facilitates tailor-made walkshops that are fully embedded in the urban environment, fulfilling a wide range of needs:

  • Trend scouting investigations on topics such as urbanization, sustainability, social innovation or digitalization for marketing or innovation managers;
  • Inspiration and creativity stimulation for innovation managers or designers;
  • Team building for local teams as well as management incentive programs;
  • Study tours to complement MBA, EMBA or summer schools learning programs;
  • Cultural orientation or understanding China programs for newcomers or institutions;
  • Visiting purposes, for instance for a board of directors or government delegations.

Walkshops are a blend of context knowledge input by experts and a collaborative workshop supported by facilitators, where participants are given tasks to fulfill in the city in relation to the programs’ learning objective. Such formats are fully tailored.

Building upon a pool of knowledgeable and passionate experts with long-term local expertise, with programs featuring content with an intellectual, entertaining and creative edge at the crossroads of a guided city tour and a professional development.

A diversity of themes can be offered, ranging from innovation related topics such as urbanization, megacities and sustainability as well as business relevant topics such as finance economy and societal trends.


Download: SHANGHAI FLANEUR brochure

Further Information: www.shanghai-flaneur.com