Crea Lab


Catalyzing your ideas!

Based on a concrete client challenge, this structured and facilitated creative workshop helps tap into new potential, solve a problem, trigger change or expand a complex collaboration.

CREALAB can help, for example, with developing ideas for a new product or service to:

  • Define a marketing or sales strategy
  • Solve organizational conflict
  • Build a partnership with a potential partner
  • Think of the next big thing
  • Look beyond the daily business.

CREALAB fosters strong ownership and collaboration among participants thanks to its collaborative and creative aspects.

CREALAB relies on:

  • The right process: a multitude of methodologies, exercises and tools based on latest creativity techniques taken from various spheres (The arts, Design thinking, Psychology, Coaching, Theory U, Theater, Management, etc.)
  • The right people: a mix of very diverse views for fresh perspectives on the issue, from within to new minds from outside the organization
  • The right environment: stimulating spaces to nurture creativity

The CREALAB is facilitated by a mix of experienced Chinese and European professionals. They are supported by an artistic visual process with a professional scriber.

A CREALAB program is tailored to the needs of the client and can lasts between one and three days, depending on the case and the issue at hand. Sample a CREALAB: CONSTELLATIONS can design a half-day test experience.