Shared Value Lab

Many organizations are looking at scaling the impact of their social engagement, finding novel projects and finding new partners. Catalyzing social engagement is the objective of the Shared Value Lab.

The shared value lab is a 2-days format where organizations receive tailored support to their particular interest or need for social engagement. In an interactive workshop using methodologies based on design thinking, participants are guided through the steps of generating ideas, developing concepts and/or prototyping a project on the topic of their interest.

Such a Lab can be suited for companies and Chinese society partners who are:

  • At the very beginning of identifying society engagement strategy, but have no concrete idea yet, who are still looking for inspiration, strategies and models or who are still lacking partners from ‘the other sector ;
  • Running society engagement programs already, maybe have years of experiences, but now need to innovate their models, maybe get out of charity dependency, or scale their impact or looking for new ideas to turn social challenges into social businesses

 The lab offer participants:

  • Applying Design Thinking for social engagement projects
  • Experiencing tools to transform projects (from traditional charity to social business)
  • Understanding further creative methodologies (e.g. from Theory U, Art of Hosting, etc.)
  • Getting in-depth support, coaching and advisory for your project ideas
  • Peer learning and matching with possible other companies and society partners
  • Developing concrete outcomes, depending on participants’ need: concept, model and/or plan for projects

Previous work in the field can be found in our references, including several workshops in the frame of the More than a Market initiative: IDEA LAB with Bayer China, the Support Lab with SAP, the IDEA LAB during the MTAM forum and the kick off roundtable of the More than a Market.