Who we Are

Founded in China, rooted in Europe, globally minded: CONSTELLATIONS is a consulting agency that designs and facilitates collaborative projects for learning and creating at the nexus of business, society and self.

The people: CONSTELLATIONS is an organization of passionate and entrepreneurial individuals. The Shanghai-based core team of six combines interdisciplinary expertise with backgrounds in business, international relations, cultural navigation, engineering, language, law and urban design studies. The core teams up in a variety of constellations on a project basis with a network of 20+ experts with whom it enjoys a long-term professional relationship.

The topics: CONSTELLATIONS has special expertise and work experience in the fields of sustainability, cities & urbanization, social engagement and entrepreneurship, culture and diversity.

The inspiration: Widening horizons, deepening dialogue, changing mindsets and creating opportunities.

The difference: With 20 years of China experience from its founders and specialization in a variety of fields ranging from sustainability to learning theories and complimented by a suite of process skills, CONSTELLATIONS combines both breadth and depth.

The strength: Seeing the big picture while not missing out on the details in the process. Adapting to a diverse range of milieus while adding a creative edge.

The principles: Professional, yet personal.

The setup: CONSTELLATIONS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a Shanghai-registered management consulting company (est. 2009) and a wholly foreign owned enterprise, co-owned by Katja Hellkoetter and Magali Menant. An office will be opened in Berlin by the end of 2015.

The offer: CONSTELLATIONS provides services across the whole chain of project development from inspiration through incubation and on to implementation. Find more info on our services or get ideas about how CONSTELLATIONS can help you.