Narayan Silva


Narayan Silva grew up in Brazil but sees himself as a global citizen, having lived in several countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas. With a MSc. in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability in Sweden, he is passionate about helping people and organizations to develop their highest potential for creating positive change in the world.

He is a facilitator and active member of the global Art of Hosting community since 2013. With a background in Design (BA at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), he has a natural interest in creativity and drawing. That interest led him to be trained in Sweden as a Graphic Facilitator, a skill that he not only uses in his facilitation, as he has also trained hundreds of people to help them fall in love with drawing while making their work more fun and effective.

His nomadic and free spirit has kept him as an entrepreneur and freelancer his whole professional life, which gives him insights across cultures and sectors. He has led social enterprises in Brazil and Vietnam, and worked with numerous organizations around the world, from small NGOs in India and China to global corporations such as Nike, SAP and Mercedes-Benz.

Capacity building and transformative education for sustainability are often involved in his work. His efforts on the field led him to be invited to speak about the topic at a TEDx event in Vietnam and be nominated a UNESCO ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) Youth delegate in 2014 at their World Conference in Japan.

Narayan has been a collaborator of Constellations since 2014, and an Associated Partner since 2018.

He is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish, and is learning Italian, German and Chinese.