Tarek Mohamed Hassan


Tarek Mohamed Hassan joined the CONSTELLATIONS International team as part of the ASApreneurs program, during which he will be in involved in multiple projects, including the “Social Entrepreneurship Learning Journey”. The ASA program is a dynamic learning and qualification program to educate and develop open-minded multiplicators with inquiring minds and an interest in society, development policy and sustainable solutions. The program consists of a unique combination of seminars and training sessions conducted by the ASA program itself and practical work experience with CONSTELLATIONS in Shanghai and Berlin.

Tarek Mohamed Hassan holds a Bachelor degree in Communication and Media Studies from Leipzig University. He has interned with the Goethe-Insitute in Izmir (Turkey) and different NGOs in Cairo (Egypt), where he focused mainly on project management and social media. His interest in the Chinese speaking world sparked upon receiving a full scholarship from the German Academical Foreign Exchange Service to study in Taiwan for a year. Tarek Mohamed Hassan focuses on social entrepreneurship, diversity management and facilitation, having worked as a consultant for anti-racism for Leipzig University and currently working as a trainer with the German UNESCO Commission and the Schwarzkopf Foundation.