Marjorie Hobin


Marjorie’s passion to China and Asia dates back to 15 years when she first started studying Mandarin. After Taiwan in 2005, she settled in Shanghai to develop purchasing operations for the Saint-Gobain Asia Sourcing Office for almost 8 years. After travelling the world for a year in 2013, she came back to Shanghai and founded Mind Up Consulting.

She now brings together her knowledge of the local cultures and all her energy to tackle global performance & risk management by redefining relationships with vendors and adding concrete value on the supply chain.
Combining a 12-year Asian field expertise in both purchasing and social fields (SA8000 qualified), she works with buying organisations and manufacturers to pragmatically (re)define and implement business & social strategies, to improve dialogue and foster common sustainable growths.

In particular, she developed an alternative method that goes beyond traditional social auditing: an improvement-led, people-oriented, practical and positive approach focusing on the understanding of the social and human rights requirements, the willingness to progress and the impacts on the workers and the overall business.

Her clients range from small-sized factories to large retailers in various industries, in China, Asia and Europe.
She is French and speaks fluently English and Chinese.